Cory Flynn is a talented songwriter, guitarist and singer from Brighton. His songs are folk/country/blues with an edge and a style heavily influenced by Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams and others.

Cory has been playing live since he was 11, both solo and in bands. He’s been praised for his inventive use of language in his lyrics. Cory released his first studio album, A Boy Named Hunger, on 15 September 2017.

"Writes like Dylan, sings like Cash, looks like Beckham"
My grass is blue

"These are songs by a true storyteller; Cory could buttonhole you in a crowded pub and make you listen and make you think. I come out of the other side of Cory's songs changed from the person I was when I went into them, which is what I want from a songwriter."
Ian McMillan

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